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What class should I pick?

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We offer 3 class types:

Our Big Builders K’NEX based class is for ages 4 to 6 or children who are 18 months from starting P1 to those children currently in P1. We introduce simple science, work on number recognition and basic maths concepts like symmetry.

Our Bricks Challenge programme is suited for children from around P3 to around P6. Classes focus on mechanics, power, speed, ratios and additional science and engineering topics

Galileo is aimed at children from around P6 to around S2. Children in this class will be asked to complete mental arithmatic including multiplication and division. We will learn about some advanced topics like traction, acceletration and geomtery of a circle


General tips for picking a class

  • A confident and mature P2 can come to Bricks Challenge as long as you feel they can cope with a 75 minute class and are willing to listen to the teaching elements, we are not just a LEGO club, we want to encourage learning and understanding. We have had situations where P2s come along and find the class too long, they are too tired. They also just want to build and can be disruptive when told they have to wait and listen to the learning. We ask parents to think about these elements before moving younger P2s up to Bricks Challenge.
  • A 3.5 year old can come to Big Builders if you feel they are able to follow simple instructions. Note that parents do not stay so your child must be willing to remain in class without you (the first 5 minutes to get them settled is fine).
  • We welcome children with ADHD and ASD, we ask that children have 2 trial sessions before booking on a term and that parents take time to talk to the staff after every class to ensure we can give you up to date feedback on your child’s class experience.
  • P1s (regardless of age and Lego ability) are not accepted in Bricks Challenge





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