Transition Programs are designed to help children develop relationships with their future school/classmates and to become familiar with their new school environment.Young Engineers programs provide a fun, educational activities that provide positive experiences for your learners as they progress through their education.

Nursery to P1 Transition Programs

We typically offer an 8 week nursery to P1 transition program with nursery and current P1 learners working in pairs through a series of sessions based around a theme of animals and their environment. Sessions are held in P1 classrooms and common areas to the school to provide the children with a chance to build connections to their new environment. Learners work through our Big Builders program with a focus on numeracy and science experiences and outcomes.

P7 to S1 Transition Programs

Working with high schools and their cluster primaries, Young Engineers offers a STEM problem solving days for P7 to S1 transition where feeder primaries attend their future senior school and work in teams to solve a real-world challenge. The challenges presented focus on current social or business problems.  Mixed groups allow learners to build new relationships with their future classmates. These challenges use our bespoke LEGO kits so learners have a familiar tool with which to implement their solution and teams make a final presentation to the group at the end of their day.

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