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STEM Education in Scotland


Every Child in Scotland, from the early years onwards, should experience the wonder and excitement of STEM, growing and building skills and knowledge that they will need in life and work.

–Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP & Minister for Further Education, Higher Education & Science


In late 2015 The Scottish Executive published their strategy for STEM education & training for Scotland. The government believe that a clear STEM strategy with the goal of improving the STEM skills of our young people will support Scotland’s economic development and specifically help increase our competitiveness and tackle inequality in our country.

STEM education is expected to help raise achievement within our education sector, to help prepare young people for the world of work and ultimately reduce unemployment. In our fast developing world, STEM skills will help Scotland find a place in the digital world and ensure that our people have the skills and confidence to live in the digital age.

Despite significant efforts to expand STEM awareness and create opportunities for education and training, the government has identified several challenges that continue to face STEM in Scotland, one of those (and the one closest to the hearts of us at Young Engineers) is the need to challenge perceptions.

How many people think Engineering is about boiler suits or Science is all about petri dishes? How many young people still think STEM is for boys? Or that you can only do STEM subjects if you’re a straight A student?  These perceptions keep many young people from investigating STEM subjects and as a result they miss out on many fantastic opportunities.

As a result the government has placed two aims at the heart of the strategy, these are:

  • To improve levels of STEM enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge in order to raise attainment and aspirations in learning, life and work.11
  • To encourage uptake of more specialist STEM skills required to gain employment in the growing STEM sectors of the economy, through further study and training.

The proposed STEM strategy emphasises the need to provide learning opportunities from the earliest possible stage of a young person’s education, commencing at early years through their primary education with the goal of creating a foundation of enthusiasm and aspiration of STEM opportunities.


Here at Young Engineers we believe our unique approach to STEM education is ideally suited to this new strategy for STEM. A partnership with us will help ensure that children experience relevant and engaging STEM learning across early, first and second stage learning. Full details of our STEM curricula and programmes for Learning, Life and Work are available. Please contact us for more details