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Partnering with Schools

Partnering with schools

We work with a number of primary schools using Young Engineers programmes to support both STEM learning and development of Skills for Learning, Life and Work.



STEM Session – Lowport Primary School – Primary 7 Students The Young Engineers team worked with a group of 33 students to help them develop an understanding of forces. Of course a Young Engineers session is intended to be playful and fun, so in order to learn about forces we built amusement park rides. From death defying spinning rides to more sedate pirate ships and ferris wheels, the students worked in pairs to build their model and evaluate the forces at play. Creating the school amusement park allowed us to discuss centrifugal and centripetal force and understand what it was that stopped our rather scary spinning rides from flying apart. Our pirate ship was used to talk about gravity, friction and a little about potential energy. Here are some photos showing our creations.


Windyknowe Primary – Primary 1 students We are currently delivering a programme of sessions at Windyknowe Primary focused on Skills for Learning, Life & Work. This includes helping students to understand the importance of planning and organisation in their activities as well as helping them develop resilience when faced with probelms and to feel confident talking in front of the class. Our students built and tested a simple car. We made a plan, ordered the pieces from our Lego shop and started building. We found some problems with our building so we worked together to come up with a solution. At the end we learned how engineers first use their knowledge to predict the result of an experiment and then they test their theory. We noted our results and then told our classmates.


If you would like to talk to us about working with your school then please contact us via the form on your right.




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