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Our Programmes

Here at Young Engineers Edinburgh & West Lothian we aim to inspire children to be creative and curious, to find a passion for problem solving and to have fun and make friends at the same time. Our programmes make use of each child’s natural desire to play to help them learn.

The programmes can play a supporting role in the Curriculum for Excellence by offering children a set of interdisciplinary experiences that help them gain the skills and confidence to embrace and use technologies and to develop practical skills while working with a range of materials, tools and software.

Our three 10 month programmes offer children a continuous development pathway. They will build a different model each week, learning about mathematics, forces, geometry and mechanical engineering. Children who complete the models before the class is complete are then challenged to make improvements, perhaps develop a crane that can lift a larger weight or a car that can go faster. In this way each child can progress at their own pace yet they are continuously given an opportunity to learn more.

Our sessions provide theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics.

Big Buildersyoung engineers big builders

This unique curriculum develops children’s tactile, motor, and spatial skills while teaching introductory engineering principles.

For Ages: 4-6

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Bricks Challenge Young Engineers lego challenge

Learning the principles of engineering and theoretical physics in an intuitive way by building models while enhancing motor skills.

For Ages 7 to 10

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 Galileo Technic

Investigation of machinery from a professional perspective of engineers. This curriculum will focus on teamwork and finding solutions to build complex machines.

For Ages 10 to 13 OR Bricks Challenge Graduates

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 Robotics & Software Engineering robotics

Curriculum for teaching theory and applications in engineering and software, combining mathematical and physical investigation with software engineering.

For Ages 12 to 16

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