Our Big Builders program for nurseries is a great addition to the additional services provided by your nursery. These 30 to 40 minute sessions introduce young learners to simple concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM).

Sessions are typically structured as follows:

  • 10 minutes: Introduction to the learning theme and time to talk about what we already know and understand
  • 10 minutes: An hands-on experiment or investigation that helps us explore our understanding and ask questions to help learn something new.
  • 20 minutes: a K’NEX® building activity where we build and play with a model aligned to our theme. With over 40 models, we have lots to explore with your Young Engineers!
  • 5 minutes: Review what we have learned and tidy away

We aim to help our young participants:

  • broaden their horizons:
  • enhance their motor skills
  • develop their communications skills
  • think creatively
  • have lots of fun!

Our programme is interdisciplinary and aligns to several areas of the curriculum.

Examples include:


Expressive Arts: The children experience a range of stimuli and learn to communicate their ideas and feelings (EXA 0-05a). They use their curiosity and imagination to solve design problems (EXA 0-06a)

Languages: All the children get a chance to listen and talk in different situations, they learn to take turns and develop their awareness of when to talk and when to listen (LIT 0-02a). They get an opportunity to explore different events and characters and to express themselves in different ways (LIT 019a)

Technologies: Our program helps children to develop problem solving strategies and construct models through discovery and imagination (TCH 1-14a). The children explore materials and tools to discover what they can do and how they can use them to help solve problems and construct 3D objects (TCH 1-12a).

Sciences: Our children experience a wide range of toys and models, they learn how they are put together and the basic science behind what makes them move. (SCN 0-04a). We explain simple forces like gravity and friction and use toys and models to help children understand the impact of forces (SCN 0-07a)

Maths: The children learn about counting and the different sizes of our models and can explain these concepts through story telling (MNU 0-01a). By using their own kits the children learn to explore numbers and understand what they represent (MNU 0-02a).

Pricing is based upon the number of sessions booked and the number of children participating, ranging from £3.50 to £4.95 per child.

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