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Meet the Young Engineers Characters

Meet our Characters


Meet our STEM Heros!

We all like to have a team to help us out, and now our Young Engineers can count on our STEM heros to help them out, whether they are a Big Builder or ready for the Lego Challenge! So lets meet them an welcome Super Sci, Tough Techie, Extreme Engie and Mighty Math!


6 Meet Tough Techie. He is the knows all about cutting edge technology and always has a trick of his sleeve. He helps us when we’re stuck and helps us find a solution the aid of his latest problem solving devices.
5 Meet Super Sci. A brilliant mastermind, who, like all of us, is occasionally unsure of his own abilities. He understands the universe as well as its all properties and laws. He is the brains of the Young Engineers super-heroes.


4 Meet Mighty Math. Using the universal principles of Mathematics, Mighty Math show us how to divide and conquer complex problems with patience and diligence. Plus, she roams the universe primed and ready to show us how practicing Maths can help us.
3 Meet Extreme Engie. She thinks on her feet and improvises on the spur of the moment. She stands for formidable engineering. Nobody seems to be able to catch her off guard. She is hands-on and sees the simplest solution to the most complex of problems