LEGO Technic Engineer Experience

      • Ages Range: 7 to 11
      • Number of Participants:minimum 8, maximum 16
      • Duration: 1 hour or 1.5 hours (Football Party)
      • Cost: £10pp for 1 hour party, £15pp for 1.5 hours

This party is for LEGO® fanatics*. Our party participants will each get the chance to build and play with a fantastic motorised model made from LEGO® bricks.

Each child will have their own  kit and instructions on how to create their model. All children will be supported to build ensuring that they all complete the model and get to play with it.

The party is structured as follows:

      • Team arrive to setup 15 mins before your scheduled party start time
      • Warmup activities as the children arrive, we’ll have lots and lots of LEGO® for them to play with while we wait for the all the children to arrive.
      • Activity briefing, we’ll explain the kits, the instructions and the model we are going to build.
      • Model building & playing (typically 55 mins/80 mins depending on party booked)
      • Certificate and gift ceremony
      • Team leave 15 mins after the scheduled end of the party

All parties include the following:

      • 2 x Party hosts

      • Building activity with all equipment provided

      • Young Engineers T-shirt and goody bag item for the birthday child

      • Certificate for each child

      • Large Happy Birthday Banner for use on the day

      • LEGO ® Photobooth & Props (photos taken by Young Engineers and/or Parents)

*This party is for children who LOVE LEGO and who want to spend plenty of time playing and using their imagination to augment their model and add features. It is not the right party for children who want lots of structured activities or who want to run around.

**Please note there is an additional charge of £5 to cover travel to the following postcodes: EH6 to EH8, EH15 to EH26. Travel charges to postcodes outside this area will depend on where you would like us to come.

After all the children have received their certificates we recommend that where possible they move to another room for cake and snacks, the Young Engineers Team will pack away the kits and models.

Birthday Party Packages

The Sweetie Factory!


Children build a conveyor belt to move sweeties through the factory. They can build dispensers, baskets or cars to drop off and pickup the sweeties. Each child will have their own kit as well as piles of extra bricks to let them build all the extras they need for their factory. Note sweets not provided.

The Funfair!

funfairChildren build a merry go around or a pirate ship ride for their funfair. Rides can be extra tall and extra fast, children can build combinations of rides within the group leading to our very own funfair at the end. Minifigures and accessories are provided to support lots of creative play.

Art Attack!

Children build a crazy painter. The model integrates pencils and it powered by motors. The use the model to create their own drawings.

Step 15

We provide paper pencils, glue and glitter to maximise creativity. We will basic table covering to protect furniture. All materials used are non-toxic and non staining.



Children work in groups of 4. Two children build a goalie and two children build the player. We then have lots of fun playing football to see who can score the most goals!

**Please note this party is only suitable where all participants are 8 years old or older. This model is harder and requires children to be happy working together and to have a degree of confidence in LEGO building**


We can also provide the following optional extras:

Young Engineers t-shirt for each child (£4.50 per child)

Party bags, with silicon bracelet and stickers, and LEGO® crayons (£3 per child)

Party, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins (£20 flat rate)

LEGO® birthday cake (£55 to £70 dependant on design)

LEGO® Brick Cupcakes (£4.50 per cupcake)

Build Your Tomorrow. Today.

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