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Education Background

What’s your Problem? – How we learn with Young Engineers

Here at Young Engineers we introduce STEM concepts through student-centered methods. Each session starts with the introduction to a STEM concept. Our learners then build a moving model using pictorial instructions. This model is used to help the child understand our STEM concept in more detail.  Children are encouraged to add and adapt the model in line with their own …

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Partnering with Schools

We work with a number of primary schools using Young Engineers programmes to support both STEM learning and development of Skills for Learning, Life and Work.         If you would like to talk to us about working with your school then please contact us via the form on your right.      

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Playing Games is Good For Us

We typically see our children as being in school and learning or being out of school and playing. Here at Young Engineers we aim to combine both. We find that our children see their classes as games; in Lego Challenge they build a cake mixer, we bring bowls and ingredients and we make a mess, however in the process we also …

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