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Build Up – Developing Confidence and Independence


Young Engineers Build Up Programme is aimed at children with additional needs. Whether that is a formal diagnosis of ADHD, a child with ASD or a child who has additional emotional or social needs.

Occupational therapists and parents have long been aware of the power of LEGO® to improve motor skills and help young people understand the benefits of planning work and executing tasks a stage a time in a methodical way. The Young Engineers

Build up programme has been developed by Occupational Therapists to specifically support participants to:

  • Development and improvement of social skills, interacting with other children, sharing, collaboration and teamwork
  • Create opportunities for communication, encouraging particpants to talk about their experience and share their feelings about the activity.
  • Support creativity and engagment in imaginative play
  • Encourage understanding of step by step activities and the benefits of following a structured process to complete their building.


Our programme includes 36 different LEGO bricks models strucutred over 4 terms of 9 lessons each. Each session has a gentle progression enabling each child to slowing build confidence in attending class and working with their classmates.

Block 1: Exposure, Acquaintance, Experimentation. The first quarter focuses on learning the differences between the parts, meeting the instructors, and an introduction to different building methods

Block 2: Assembly, Creation and Personal Play. Working with complex models and improving independent building skills.

Block 3: Games. Developing social game skills using Lego® models.

Block 4: Cooperation and Socialisation. Assembling complex models together.


The Build Up Programme is aimed at groups of young people aged 6 to 12 with support from their parents and carers. Classes have a minimum of 10 and maximum of 16 students. Young Engineers staff support the young people with parents and carers remaining in the room and participating as much or as little as is needed by the young person.

If you would like to discuss booking Buildup for your group then please email us at office@young-engineers.co.uk