Are you looking for something fun but educational for your breakfast and afterschool clubs? We offer a range of sessions from 45 to 90 minutes for your school club. We can cater for learners from P1 to P7 offering a mix of science experiments and engineering problem solving. We can attend your setting to once a week to provide a regular activity or as part of an occasional series, attending monthly.

Breakfast Clubs

Available from 7.30am, we can offer structured group sessions or more relaxed drop-in and build activities that can fit round everyone having time to eat and relax before school. The educational content is important to us, however children also need time to relax and have fun, particularly early in the morning therefore each participant would have access to a take home sheet that explains the learning behind their model and supports further discussion with family, allowing a more relaxed approach to the breakfast club. Breakfast clubs are typically costed based on the length of time you would like us to attend your setting.

Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool clubs run for 45 minutes (P1s) or 75 minutes(P2 to P7). We attend your school once per week offering a progressive course of learning through our Big Builders and Bricks Challenge programs. Children sign up for a term at a time. We are able to come to your school at the start of term and demonstrate the kinds of activities available in our sessions to parents and their children. We are able to handle all administration, bookings and payments if that is preferred. Afterschool clubs can be priced per head (if your parents are paying) or per club (if the school is to be invoiced)

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