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Jenni Doonan

Art & STEM

ART & STEM Most people think STEM is just the domain of technical subjects, jobs that focus on practical things, building things, they perhaps don’t see the art in STEM, the place for young people who love to create or design. However these days the ability to combine a love of drawing with a passion for gadgets is all around …

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Rosetta the Comet Chaser

  As someone who loves space, this last week has been another exciting one in our exploration of space. The Rosetta spacecraft which launched when I was a teenager in 1997 came to the end of its mission, crashing into comet 67P. This amazing mission is a testament to the power of STEM.  Engineers in the 1980s designed and built Rosetta, scientists …

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Its only Rocket Science

Ask me anything I’m a rocket scientist! I used to love saying that to people (I was a teenager at the time!). Now that a few years have passed I say it less, however I do love telling people about my career in the space industry because they never stop reminding me of how, cool, amazing, unbelievable (and many more …

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