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The e² Young Engineers Story

e² Young Engineers was started by Amir Asor. Amir was not a naturally academic child, he struggled in school where traditional methods of book learning and left him frustrated, uninspired and bored. Amir did not enjoy school and left with limited confidence in his own abilities.


Despite his challenges Amir was able to enrol in university and graduated with a degree in Economics and Computer Science. Amir was able to succeed at university because he realised that he was able to learn and retain information by using a more hands on method. When he used practical examples to develop his understanding of technical concepts he was able to retain the information and successfully graduate from his degree.


It is from this experience that Amir has developed “Edutainment” that is education through entertainment. The Young Engineers programmes have been developed to provide an edutainment based approach to learning about maths, science and engineering. Children use LEGO or K’NEX based kits and tools to develop their own problem solving skills. They learn to apply critical thinking and question the learning topic therefore developing an in-depth understanding of each topic through the building of a model.


In recognition of his success Amir was awarded the Young Business International Entrepreneur of the Year award by HRH Prince Charles in 2011